The integrity of the capital “C” Church is one that we must protect and defend at all cost.

Ministers are men and women called of God to serve the church in an official leadership capacity who normally have special education for such a ministry, whose leadership roles are certified through licensure or ordination, and who receive financial remuneration for their services. This includes ministers such as pastors, evangelists, Christian education or youth ministers, chaplains, or persons directly involved in the theological training of people for ministry.


Ministers shall meet the following biblical qualifications:

1. spiritual maturity and Christian character as evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit as given in Galatians 5:22-23 and by the qualities required for Christian leaders in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9;

2. gifts of leadership confirmed by the church of which they are members (Ephesians 4:11-14); and

3. a servant spirit which enables them to submit to the authority of God as they lovingly exercise that authority in ministering to the people of God (John 13:1-171 Cor.4:1-2Phil.2:1-11).

Ministers shall meet the following educational qualifications:
1. a high school diploma or its equivalent; and

2. additional education as set forth in the description of licensed and ordained ministers. (Note: Special consideration may be given after consultation with the candidate, the regional, district or network leadership, and the president or his representative.)  

Ministers shall meet the following denominational qualifications:
1. participation in and completion of a Pastoral Orientation of the Missionary Church;

2. a commitment to hold and to teach the denominational “Articles of Faith and Practice”;

3. a commitment to support the programs of the Missionary Church;

4. a commitment to communicate by word and example a Christian worldview and lifestyle as reflected in the Missionary Church Constitution and Manual;

5. membership in a local Missionary Church unless otherwise approved by the regional, district or network leadership due to extenuating circumstances.

6. all credentialed ministers are required to attend their regional, district or network conference when they meet unless there are extenuating circumstances which are reported to and approved by the leadership of that entity prior to conference.

It is the policy of the Missionary Church not to license or ordain a person who has been divorced, divorced and remarried, or married to a person who has been divorced. In cases where there are extenuating circumstances, application may be made to the regional, district or network leadership and upon a 75% vote of that body, a recommendation may be sent to the General Board which shall appoint a special commission to thoroughly investigate the case and give approval or disapproval.

Categories & Procedures for Credentials

(a) Establish membership in a local Missionary Church;
(b) Counsel with their pastor and regional, district or network leadership as to the nature and condition of their call from God to the ministry;
(c) Receive an official recommendation from the board of their local church; and
(d) Submit a completed Application for Ministerial License Part I 
 for consideration by their regional, district or network leadership.

Applicants for the ministry living in an area where there is no Missionary Church shall comply with steps (b) and (c) immediately above.  If they are unsure who the Missionary Church leadership for their location is please contact the Missionary Church Headquarters (260-747-2027) and speak to a representative in Generate.

Licensed Ministers

Licensed ministers are those whose ministerial calling and gifts have been formally recognized by Missionary Church leadership, through the granting of a ministerial license, authorizing them for and appointing them to actual service in the ministry, subject to supervision and evaluation, as a step toward ordination.

(a) Applicants must have completed a minimum course of study consisting of at least one course in each of the following: Old Testament, New Testament, biblical or systematic theology, practical ministry theology, biblical interpretation, homiletics or communication, leadership and Pastoral Orientation of the Missionary Church; and
(b) The applicant shall be reviewed and recommended by the regional, district or network leadership.

Ordained Ministers
Ordained ministers are ministers whose calling, gifts, and usefulness have been demonstrated and enhanced by proper training and experience, and who have been separated to the service of Christ by the regional, district or network leadership and by the solemn act of ordination and thus have been fully invested with all the functions of the Christian ministry.

Credential Applications

For use in the United States only. Those from other countries should contact Tami Swymeler.

Please use highlighted forms if possible.

Credential Application – WORD
Spouse Application – WORD

Solicitud para Licencia Ministerial – WORD
Para el Cónyuge del/la Solicitante de Credenciales – RTF
Solicitud para Licencia Ministerial – PDF
Para el Cónyuge del/la Solicitante de Credenciales – PDF

Aplikasyon Pou Lisans Ministeyel – RTF
Pou Espouz Aplican Kredantyèl – RTF
Aplikasyon Pou Lisans Ministeyel – PDF
Pou Espouz Aplican Kredantyèl – PDF

Application Des diplômes française  – WORD

* Please complete application and return as an attachment to the Missionary Church regional, district or network leadership.

Background Check

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Disclosure to Employment Applicant
Release Authorization
Summary of Rights

Aviso al Solicitante de Empleo
Autorización de Exoneración
Un Resumen de Derechos


Divulgation au postulant de l’obtention d’un rapport

Pastoral Orientation Course

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The Pastoral Orientation Course gives a broad introduction to key information about the vision, ministry, history, resources and responsibilities of every leader and church in the Missionary Church.

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